THE ROBERTSON STUDY: Mathematical Synchronization of Zapruder Film and Dallas Police Department DictaBelt

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by RANDOLPH ROBERTSON, M.D. © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

Dr. Robertson’s Study of the assassination of President Kennedy has resulted in his being able to synchronize the Zapruder movie film with the DictaBelt tape that recorded at least 5 gunshots in Dealey Plaza. This first successful synchronization of the two media, within 5/100ths of a second, establishes that at least 5 shots came from 3 different locations and 3 different shooters. The acoustics, mathematics, and Zapruder film together, prove mathematically that Governor Connally was not hit by the same bullet that passed through the President’s back and neck; that President Kennedy was killed by 2 shots to his head taken from 2 different directions; and that at least 3 shooters conspired to accomplish the murder of the President. Ipso facto, the assassination was a conspiracy.

On November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder used his new color home movie camera to follow the motorcade carrying the President and Mrs. Kennedy through Dallas.  His silent film captured the horrifying sequence of events.  In the motorcade, a Dallas Police Department motorcycle equipped with a microphone for a DictaBelt acoustic tape, accidentally recorded the sounds of the gunshots that killed President Kennedy.  Most evidence indicated that the tape came from Officer H. B. McLain’s motorcycle but, until now, his precise position in the motorcade during the shooting has never been confirmed photographically. Dr. Robertson has now identified his precise location. (See Slides #80 to #84.)  This discovery  provides additional proof of the successful synchronization of the entire visual record of the assassination on the Zapruder film with the recording of the DictaBelt — to between 1/100th to 5/100ths of a second.  It has also enabled Dr. Robertson to produce a virtual soundtrack of the events in Dealey Plaza for the Zapruder film — as faithfully as if Mr. Zapruder’s silent movie camera had a built-in microphone. (See Slides #95 and #96.).

The mathematical synchronization of the Robertson Study is based upon: measurable distances from the site of origin of each shot to the motorcycle, and to the Presidential limousine, and to Mr. Zapruder’s camera; the speeds of sound and bullets and the film in Mr. Zapruder’s camera; and the precise timing of the events seen on specific frames of the Zapruder film. In addition to proving the existence of a conspiracy, this synchronization scientifically and incontrovertibly disproves both the Single Bullet and Lone Assassin theories.

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The First Completely Successful Synchronization of the Zapruder Film & the DictaBelt Recording

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Dr. Randolph Robertson, having been given special access by the Kennedy family, is the only non-government Board Certified Radiologist to have seen, studied and analyzed the primary materials of President Kennedy’s radiography and autopsy record sequestered at the National Archives. In September 1993 in Fort Worth Texas, at the meeting of the National Association of Medical Examiners Postmortem Radiography, he presented an analysis of the assassination records of President Kennedy. Two months later he testified before a House Subcommittee about the effectiveness of the President John F. Kennedy Records Collection Act of 1992 (JFK Act).

Now, after more than 20 years of research into the primary scientific and forensic findings of the Kennedy assassination, Dr. Robertson has produced the definitive multidimensional and unified scientific platform that has enabled mathematical synchronization of the visual record of the assassination, the Zapruder film, with the audio record of gunshot reports on the DictaBelt tape.

The data Dr. Robertson used to develop and produce the mathematical formulas that enabled such close synchronization began with the speed of sound and bullets; and next included the distances between various geographic elements within Dealey Plaza. Additional platform elements were developed from other primary materials gleaned from film and still photography produced on November 22, 1963, and the original autopsy materials from November 22nd and 23rd. Also included were materials from reports and papers about the physical and forensic evidence generated by the FBI Laboratory in the weeks that followed (including the properties of the Zapruder film), and the test results on various rifles and bullets made at the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Key to this Study and the refinement of its calculations were data and results about the sound impulses on the DictaBelt acoustic tape derived from scientific findings, testimonies and technological reports by the teams of acoustic experts and consultants hired by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978; and the ITEK Corporation reports in 1976.

To further expand the base of corroborative evidence for his study and further confirm the mathematical results of the synchronization, Dr. Robertson has used non-speculative testimonies by eyewitnesses that could, themselves, be cross-corroborated by film, still photograph, and acoustic records that were produced on November 22nd.

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